Let go, get out of your comfort zone, be present
These concepts are difficult to achieve because too often we overthink our actions for fear of being judged. 
So this is me. No over-thinking, no “posing”, just being in the moment.

Why I started Playworks
I've worked as an actor, stand up comedian, writer, casting director as well as a stint in the corporate world. I switched gears to focus on a more “stable” career. After studying business at Ryerson in Toronto, I worked at advertising giant Saatchi & Saatchi but my passion for acting couldn't be quashed. I soon headed to NYC where I trained with the best; Philip Seymour Hoffman, Uta Hagen and Austin Pendleton. In 2011, I decided to integrate. I realized the driving force at the core of everything I'd done was the desire to evoke thought, authenticity and encourage growth in others. Playworks is the spawn of my passions, creative training and formal education coming together. 
I’ve witnessed first-hand how improv has led to increased confidence, better communication and healthier relationships. When we're off our devices, we experience human interactions; something many of us need more of these days. 
At Playworks, my staff and I are committed to creating an environment that is real, supportive, and PLAYful of course.
I'm still very passionate about acting and active in my role as President of http://www.torontoactingstudios.com
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    "I wish to thank you...you teach so well! I enjoyed your classes to the fullest. You taught me so much in such a short time. I feel I have gained more confidence (which I lost somewhere along the way) that I really needed back."
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    "It was really nice meeting you yesterday. Your workshop was incredible! You made improv look so easy…when really…improv is just being yourself---so how hard is that? Thanks again….! I’m hoping I’ll be able to put your tips to good use!"